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Call for ideas - Synbio Pitching Competition

Synbio Power Pitch Competition 2021

5000 € Award

Apply by 10.6.2021

Making the bioeconomy circular with microbes

This year's Synbio Power Pitch 2021 is one circular bioeconomy mission. We want to provoke new kinds of thinking and encourage students and start-ups to address the problem of existing waste fractions or industrial residues. Which companies are producing interesting sidestreams? Which microbes could use them as raw material? What could these new alliances produce?

This year's challenge is to find innovative ways to turn these underutilized biological feedstocks or CO2 into value-added products using the tools of synthetic biology and biotechnology. Several industries are known to be keen on finding new uses for their sidestreams.

As one of the jury members Perttu Koskinen, VP of Innovation, Discovery and External Collaboration at Neste, says, there is huge potential in underutilized agricultural and forest industry side streams and an important role for synthetic biology to play: “Synthetic biology is a promising, fast advancing technology that may enable the use of these raw materials in the future to produce renewable chemicals, reduce the need for petroleum and to combat climate change.”

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