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Nordic Bioproducts winner of the Synbio Power Pitch 2021

Dario Forneris delivered the winning pitch at the YScience event during Slush 2021. The Pitching competition was organised by Synbio Powerhouse and other finalists were: Andrii Shekhirev (Enzymity), Prateek Singh (MPower), Antonio Biundo (REWOW) and Kenani Kenani (Umkele Inc.) The jury consisted of representatives from leading synthetic biology industries and research centres: Tuula Palmén (VTT), Merja Penttilä (VTT, Aalto-yliopisto) Janne Mielck (ECBF), Perttu Koskinen (Neste), Juha Lindfors (Lifeline ventures) and Miika Mahonen (HMD Global).The victorious pitch presented the hydrolysis technology of NBG and the potential of the resulting sugars in applications in synthetic biology.


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